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"People will always support something they
believe in – even if you don’t ask them to."



Welcome to the Father John Foundation web site. In 1997 Monsignor John P. Hourihan established this perpetual charitable foundation for the purpose of funding care for the homeless and people with disabilities, especially the deaf and hard of hearing. One might wonder if Father John sensed that in the years to come the needs of the homeless would grow to tragic epidemic proportions, and that the disabled would face such daunting challenges.


The purpose of the Foundation is to financially assist churches and other non-profit organizations, that do not take more than insubstantial government funding, in administering their programs. Our giving focus is broad and considers programs that are: religious, educational, rehabilitational, social, and/or vocational. A priority is given to the deaf and homeless. All funding is given regardless of nationality, race or religion.


Over the years the Foundation has distributed substantial funds to support the efforts of numerous non-profit organizations which are tirelessly working to help those in need, in a simple and effective way. We have accomplished much, but there is much left to be done.


The Foundation will continue its dedication to raising and distributing grants to be used by charities devoted to providing care and services to the homeless and disabled. The Foundation is committed to operating with minimal expenses so that the monies raised are spent where intended, on those in need.


We trust that the loving donations and volunteer work of others will help us to continue to fulfill this mission.

No Place To Call Home Video

VIDEO: Please take a few minutes to view “No Place to Call Home”, a revealing and still pertinent 1982 documentary about homeless women in New Jersey. The film contains an interview and comments by Father John and mentions grant recipient St. John’s Soup Kitchen in Newark, New Jersey.


Letter from Father John

To the right you will see a letter that Father John once wrote to friends telling of a special chance encounter with a young mother and her small children. They were in crisis.


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