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Purpose & Mission

The purpose of the Foundation is to financially assist churches and other non-profit organization, that do not take more than insubstantial government funding, in administering their programs. Our giving focus is broad and considers programs that are: religious, educational, rehabilitational, social and/or vocational. A priority is given to the deaf and homeless. All funding is given regardless of nationality, race or religion. The Foundation will continue its dedication to raising and distributing grants to be used by charities devoted to providing care and services to the homeless and disabled.

FJF Criteria

The following criteria will be used to review grant applications:

  • GRANT APPLICATION DEADLINE: August 31 of Current Calendar Year
  • Alignment with FJF’s purpose and mission by completing the Grant Application (see page 3)
  • Clarity of the goals and objectives of organization requesting funds
  • Description of program to be funded, if applicable
  • Affirmation that church or non-profit entity does not receive substantial government funding
  • Accountability for funds disbursed upon request

Confirm Your Application Has Been Received

We strongly recommend that you confirm your submission, so that all applications are available at the time grants are approved. To confirm that you have submitted an application to the Foundation, please send seperate email by clicking: CONFIRM APPLICATION SUBMISSION

Approved Grant Disbursement

Grants that have been submitted by August 31 of current calendar year and approved for funding will be communicated to the applicants by phone or email no later than November 30 of current calendar year. Funds will be dispersed by check by the end of current calendar year.

Online Grant Application Form

All fields below must be completed. Answers to the questions below should be no longer then two typed pages in total. If you choose to attach an additional file, it should not exceed 20MB.


Contact person unless otherwise noted and has authority to act on behalf of charitable organization.



Please answer all of the following questions that apply to your grant request and provide any additional detail you feel will help us understand the aim, scope, and impact of your charitable group or project. Answers to the questions below should be no longer then two typed pages in total. Please cut/paste or type responses into appropriate boxes.


If there is additional program info, or any other information you would like the foundation to consider, please attach your file here. You must complete the form questions above before submitting the application.


Applications must comply with this online format. If you prefer to download and complete the paper version of the application, please follow instructons listed to the right under DOWNLOAD PAPER FORM.

NOTICE: Applications are no longer being accepted via US mail.


For help completing the application, please submit all questions to the email address below. A team member will be available to help assist with the process.


If you prefer to download a paper version of The Father John Foundation Grant Application, you can click the link below.




Filling out the online version will help to expedite the application process. The paper application will have to be completed in full, then scanned and e-mailed to:

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